Hawke’s Bay is located on the central East Coast of New Zealand’s North Island and geographically provides surfers in the region with extensive options to find waves regularly and in varied conditions.

Hawke’s Bay Boardriders is an all-inclusive club established with the desire to grow a community of surfers in the region and to provide support for the development and growth of the sport within Hawke’s Bay. The club is a platform for encouraging people to get involved in a variety of ways and through a broad range of activity from social events and competition surfing to sponsorship and voluntary support.

It’s the Boardriders aim to sustainably provide surfing in Hawke’s Bay with a vital gateway to national and international opportunities for surfers of all ages as well as enable a community of likeminded people to build – groms, pros, seniors, weekend warriors, families and friends – the clubs for everyone to be a part of.

We also endeavour to look outside the Surfing Community and involve people from all walks of life to become involved and join our love for the sea by providing Workshops, Educational Sessions, Lessons and so forth.

Without the water from the rivers and the ocean we would have no Surfing, therefore this is where the Environmental Section of the the Boardriders comes in.  We hold events to try give back to our great mother earth to say thanks for all that she provides for us.   For example Beach Clean Ups etc…

Look out on social media and website for event dates.

All Events will be on Facebook Events at Your Solutions Hawkes Bay Boardriders NZ

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For more information reach out here, or get involved!

Want to become a Volunteer?

Get involved with the club by becoming a volunteer. Surfer or not, there’s heaps of ways to do this and we’re grateful for every individual’s time and expertise bought to the club. There are plenty of events and initiatives you can support and it’s up to you how and where you get involved. Take on a challenge, lend a hand, or offer your expertise. Join the fun and get in touch here.

Want to become a Sponsor?  

Hawkes Bay Boardriders Club is a not-for-profit that’s reliant on the generosity and support of local businesses, organisations and individuals. Sponsoring the Boardriders Club is a great opportunity to align you to surfing in Hawkes Bay and expose your brand to a growing community. By contributing you’re supporting surfing’s growth and development in Hawke’s Bay, it’s teams, individuals and their ventures beyond while representing the club. Make a great association, contribute and enable surfing in Hawkes Bay to grow and develop. Get in touch here.