Event Calendar

Event: Primary date: Secondary date:
  • End of Year Prizegiving 2021 20th Nov 2021
  • Hawkes Bay Champs 20th Nov 2021
  • Club Round One 14th March 2021
  • Halberg Foundation – Surfing for the Physically Disabled & Visually Impaired 20th March 2021
  • Club Round Two 23 May 2021 30 May 2021
  • Environmental Planting Day – Outfoxed TBA
  • Club Round Three 27 June 2021 4 July 2021
  • Sticky Johnson Primary School Champs 2021 2 Oct 2021 3 Oct 2021
  • National Scholastics Competition 2021 – Taranaki 11th Oct 2021 - 15th Oct 2021
  • Interclub Competition – Hosted in Gisborne 24 Oct 2021 25 Oct 2021
  • Club Round 4 13 Nov 2021

Hawke’s Bay Boardriders Club Contest

Hawke’s Bay Boardriders Club runs an annual contest comprised of four club day competitions for both members and non-members. The quarterly competitions determine the club rankings and combined form the annual contest results. Individual contest rankings exist for Masters, Opens, Under 18’s, Under 16’s, U14s, U12’s and Learners. Check out the current club rankings here.

The competitions are a great way for officials to get experience under the guidance of a contest director and head judge, and we always welcome volunteers to get involved. We realise it’s not only important to get the correct result, but also to judge consistently so that our competitors can gauge their improvement. Generally good judging equals a good contest.

We’ll be selective on conditions however agree it’s important the opportunities for competitions to run is paramount to build competitors experience. We’ll be more selective for specialty competitions and for team and squad selections.

We aim to complete our competitions in one day and will generally run Sundays if safe conditions allow. It’s important people register online for contests so we can communicate with competitors and collect information for health and safety purposes, as well as determine draws in advance of competition day. Early registration also ensures you get to compete otherwise there may not be room in the draw to accommodate late entries on the day of competition. A prize giving will be held at the end of each event and a final prize giving held at the end of the last event for the year on 20/27th November 2021 at Three Wise Birds at 5pm.

You can register for the next competition using the link above. Keep an eye out here for details on upcoming events and for the latest news.

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