Club Round 2

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Man you couldn’t have asked for a more primo day for our Club Round 2!!! Its started off with a fresh start for set up at 1 degree, you know when its a fresh crisp start that the day is going to be a good one. Clear skies and rolling waves were a delight the whole day!

63 Athletes registered on the Live Heats app which we are loving using as our portal of registering for comps, it also holds all our members information that we can export easily for use of newsletters, spot prizes etc.. Great asset to the club that we are all frothing over. One of the best advantages of Live Heats on the days of the comps is that people can watch the Live Scoring from home if they cant attend and the main screen at the beach shows all the heat scores, colours of their rashies, who’s up next etc, keeping the day a little more informative and fun.

Im going to start with all the thanks – soooo many thanks this Club Round, its amazing to be surrounded by such a great crew of committed families and community.

HAWKES BAY CARAVAN SALES NAPIER – Kindly donated the event caravan for the day. We all loved it! It kept all the Judging ipads dry and unsandy, and there was lots of funny banter in that caravan throughout the day. I heard lots of talk on how the club can purchase one and the talk of the modifications you’d do to suit a competition caravan was both informative and amusing. For caravan sales, repairs, accessories and hire – Murray is the man to see.

BEARD BROTHERS SMALL GOODS – Wowzers, I don’t know if we are going to be able to go back to the other pre cooked sausages we usually get after this very kind donation from Rob Beard and his family. The meat patties and sausages smelt amazing and i’m sure anyone that had one agrees how good they were. We try to keep our prices low for our BBQs at Club Rounds and this bonus of proper meat is a real help to the Club, so thanks very much to them for the donation! A few more facts about the company.. + They use only natural casings for their sausages, instead of synthetic. + The products are hand crafted in Hawkes Bay. + The do all sorts of meat from Goat Patties, Venison Sausages & Patties to 100% Beef Savaloys. + They are the same family that has Wild Game Salamis that was featured on Topp Country TV series and that episode can be watched here.

HUSTLE SURF + MOTO – Spot prizes galore from the team at Hustle. When we visited Deaks and Rach to pick up the prizes for the club round, we had to stop them giving, very generous team they are! Don’t forget to take your membership cards in to the shop for 10% off (some things don’t apply in that, check first). One of the coolest parts of the day is rolling our random number generator and calling the names out to excited groms. For online shopping you can go here.

BOARDZONE – We had a picture of the board you can win for being a member of the club by the Main Live Heats TV, we heard lots of chatter about this, with the excitement of wanting to win it and we are really appreciative to be able to give something epic away for just being a member. Don’t forget to take your membership cards in to the shop for 10% off (some things don’t apply in that, check first). They have an online store also here.

WIND & WAVE SURFBOARDS – Gave us 5 x $50 Vouchers for ding repairs, something we all need at some point these were super popular at the end of the day as a spot prize. Thanks so much for this generous prize. You can find them here.

BBQ TEAM – Aaron, Marina, Sarah & Tim did a fantastic job feeding us all on the day! Always a major effort (especially when the BBQ breaks and you have to bring in a new one). This job is a big one and this is something that we all really appreciate on the days. Cheap food, hot cuppas and free spring water. Thanks to everyone involved in helping with this.

JUDGES – We had a fun team of rotating judges in the caravan this Club Round. Its a big job to do all day so everyone that judged on Sunday – thanks so so much!

LEARNERS DIV – Thanks heaps to Ben for taking this again, definitely one of the clubs favourite times of the day, we love seeing all the parents and groms frothing in the water and the fun the older grom judges had was apparent if you were down watching those heats.

COMMITTEE – From picking up caravans, to making the call when and where we hold the comp to early mornings, endless whats apps messages, meetings, phone calls, and lots of decisions to be made, the committee is definitely stoked on being part of the Club and the future it brings. Its weird to think the clubs first meeting to see if its something the community should do was only back in January 2019. Thanks to the committee, members, families, supporters and sponsors, you’re all bloody legends!

Results to the comp are all on the Live Heats app or here. Don’t forget to check out the Leaderboards if thats something you’re keen on looking at 🙂

Next Club Round is September 6th or 13th dependant on swell. Also keep free 12th December for our Final Fun Comp and Prizegiving.

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